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The Museum’s zoology collection consists of over 110,000 specimens…

It contains specimens from other countries in the Caribbean, and represents a wide variety of faunal classes including insects, spiders, mollusks, crustacea, amphibians, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.

The collection houses two (2) specimens of the extinct Jamaican Petrel, Pterodroma caribbaea and several specimens of species classified as threatened, rare or endangered.

Skin of Blue Mountain Duck, Pterodroma caribaea. Specimen collected 1879 in the Blue and John Crow Mountains. Photo credit: Courtesy NHMJ Collections, Photographer: R. Belto

Sloane’s Urania –¬†Urania sloanus was a day-flying species of moth endemic to Jamaica. They were last seen in the wild in 1895. The specimen pictured was added to the collections in 1879 and is the oldest specimen in the collections.