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Imagine exploring Jamaica’s natural environment without having to make the trip outside of Kingston whilst discovering all of it in one setting! This would be the makings of an opening of Natural History Museum of Jamaica’s Renovated Gallery.

In an effort to reintroduce the public and garner appreciation for the natural sciences, the Natural History Museum of Jamaica (NHMJ) will be opening their renovated gallery to represent the biodiversity of Jamaica’s environment. The aim of the gallery will be to educate the public about Jamaica’s natural history through lively and attractive exhibits. It is also to inform them that each ecosystem is equally important and must be appreciated with great care. NHMJ is looking forward to engaging the public and raising the awareness of our uniqueness through encouraging persons to become advocates for the protection of the environment whilst boosting engagement and excitement for persons looking to pursue studies and/or occupations in the natural sciences or any other related field.

Stay tuned for updates on the opening!