The Science Library hosts a collection of varied materials; these are:

Open Shelf Books

The open shelf book collection contains a wide variety of subjects and topics. The subjects range from economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, sociology, biology, geology, zoology, anthropology, taxonomy, entomology, ornithology, as well as topics on nutrition, health, dietetics, marine life, natural history among many others.

Reference Collection

The reference collection also boasts a diverse array of subjects and topics. These include all types of dictionaries (Spanish /English, Concise etc.), encyclopaedias, business and marketing books, astronomy, health and medical books, gardening, information technology, natural history, politics and government, agriculture, directory of personalities, Caribbean history, English books and The Handbook of Jamaica.


These include titles from a wide cross section of local and overseas publishers in scientific and other disciplines.

Some of these are:

  • Biodiversity Journal of Life on Earth
  • Caribbean Journal of Science
  • Explorations Magazine
  • Fieldiana – Botany
  • Fieldiana – Geology
  • National Geographic
  • Cajanus – The Caribbean Food and Nutrition Quarterly
  • Jamaica Journal – Publication of the Institute of Jamaica
  • Jamaica Naturalist
  • Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society


These are divided into General Pamphlets and West Indian Pamphlets and consist of information on all types of plants and animals.

Newspaper clippings

These are collected daily; specific articles are clipped and mounted for research purposes.

Audiovisuals –DVDs, CD-ROMs, Slides, Videocassettes

These are available to researchers for viewing and listening purposes. They contain information on a wide range of scientific and science related topics.

CD-ROMs: Includes information in areas such as Anthropology, Conservation Finance, Biodiversity presentations / posters, Pictures of plant specimens, Global Warming, Bird Songs in Jamaica, Caribbean Sea Squirts – The Goodbody Collection, Scale Insects, Botany: Endemic trees, Invasive species: Invaders in our Natural Habitat as well as CD-ROMs of some periodicals housed in the Science Library collection.

Slides: Comprised of information on the Flora and Fauna of Jamaica.

Videocassettes (VHS): Includes information on the Mason River Reserve, Manatees: Preserving the Legacy, Coral reef Exhibits / Animals of Living Coral Reef, Biodiversity, Explorations – Scripps Institute of Oceanography publication series among many others.

Cassettes (TDK): Coral Reef Diorama, Mangrove Wetland Songs, Bird Songs of the Plains, International Biodiversity, Ocean’s Relaxing Surf Sounds etc.