Research Symposium 2012

The Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) invites you to its annual Research Symposium 2012, the symposium will be held on Wednesday November 28 at the IOJ Lecture Hall, 10-16 East Street.  The Symposium will be held under the theme, “Embracing our History, Culture and Heritage”.


Registration is at 9 a.m. Presentations 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Oral Presentations will include:

  • Tracian Meikle: “Playing the ‘Race Card’: Pre-Independence Black Nationalism in Jamaica” (The African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica Memory Bank).
  • Donna McFarlane: “From British to Folk: Recalibrating Identity through the Folk Museum” (Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey)
  • Sasha-Kay Osbourne-Weir: “Is Revivalism the New Pentecostalism?”(Museums of History and Ethnography)
  • Veerle Poupeye, PhD: “Objects of Power: Some Preliminary Notes on Late 19th Century Obeah Figural Carvings from Jamaica.” (National Gallery of Jamaica)
  • Kerri-Ann Palmer: “TEACH THEM, REACH THEM…The Impact of the Parenting Workshops held at the Greater Portmore Junior Centre between 2009 and 2011 on the Parent-Child Relationship” (The Coordination Division/The IOJ Junior Centre)
  • Jason Ramsay: “Transforming Historical Buildings into Museums”(Museums of History and Ethnography)
  • Tracy Commock: “Picking Flowers: Reflections on the Selection of Lignum Vitae as the National Flower” (Natural History Museum of Jamaica)


The following posters will be displayed:

  • Kenisha Rowe: “Proud Defiance:  Black Working-Class Women in Jamaica During the Victorian Era” (Museums of History and Ethnography)
  • Judeen Meikle: “Georeferencing of descriptive locality data on herbarium specimens” (Natural History Museum of Jamaica)
  • Dorsia Brooks: “St. Catherine’s Wild Cats; A Study on the Occurrence and Perceptions of Feral Cats in the Parish of St. Catherine”.  (Natural History Museum of Jamaica)
  • Suzanne Davis, Ph.D: “Impact of an Invasive Fern on Bird Diversity in a Jamaican Ramsar Site” (Natural History Museum of Jamaica)
  • Shani Roper: Pharmaceutical Bottles in the Port Royal Collection of the Institute of Jamaica” (Museums of History and Ethnography)
  • Patrice Russell: “An Impact Assessment of the Biodiversity Awareness Programme on the Knowledge and Awareness of the Student Members of the Chandler’s Pen Primary & Junior High School’s Environmental Club.” (Natural History Museum of Jamaica)
  • Leleka Johnson: “The Anthony Robinson Manuscript – A descriptive and enlighten manuscript on Jamaica’s Natural History” (Natural History Museum of Jamaica)

 Secure parking will be available at 24 Hanover Street.


If you have any questions, queries or concerns please contact Mrs. Tracy Commock, Chair of the IOJ Research and Curators Committee and Director of the Natural History Museum of Jamaica, at 922-0620, extension 308 or email her at