Sensitization Seminar

The Botany Department, Natural History Museum of Jamaica hosted a half-day sensitization seminar on the 6th of October, 2011 at the Mona Visitor’s lodge and Conference Centre. The seminar was primarily geared at sensitizing Jamaicans about the Endemic Trees Project and its importance in the conservation of our natural heritage. This project was funded by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica and administered by The Natural History Society of Jamaica. The opportunity was taken to also publicize the Natural History Museum of Jamaica’s website and launch the Botany Department’s Common Name Index Database.

The Seminar had participants from secondary and tertiary level educational institutions as well as research, funding and regulatory organizations. In all there were approximately 60 participants.

For further information please direct queries to Mr. Keron Campbell, Botanist, NHMJ, IOJ at 922-0621-6 or