General Outreach

In addition to selecting schools and organizations with which to conduct outreach activities, the Education Department also accepts invitations to mount exhibitions at any event related to Jamaica’s natural heritage and its biodiversity or any scienctific/environmental theme as well as career fairs focussing on science-related careers. Lectures, presentations and sessions in a variety of formats are also organized to be conducted both inhouse and externally. Lessons prepared for schools are usually linked with the relvant school curricula.  The NHMJ’s Education Department also collaborates with the other departments of the NHMJ as well as the other divisions of the Institute of Jamaica to organize outreach programmes for schools and other organizations.

Display of MHMJ’s zoological specimens at an environmental fair

Display highlighting Jamaica’s forest plants and animals at an Agri Expo

A mini-display of indigenous animals that complemented a biodiversity presentaion at Drews Ave. Primary and Infant

Showcasing Jamaica’s natural treasures at a diplomat’s welcome ceremony at Kings House


Distributing information on careers in science at the Meadowbrook High School Career Fair


Botany staff informs students of the Buff Bay High School about the work of the NHMJ Botany Department at the school’s open day and career fair


Plants in craft display at the Nyammins and Jammins Clulture & Food Festival


Jamaican food crops and their origins- display at the Nyammins and Jammins Food & Festival


NHMJ’s activity centre at an environmental exposition

Zoology staff informing 6th formers from Wolmers about Jamaican faunal diversity

Classroom session on the brain

My whole body can move!

Presentation on the marine environment at St. Augustine Boy’s Home