Common Names Database

The Common Names Database Project sought to digitize information within the Botany Department, so as to enhance and improve the dissemination and availability of information on Jamaica’s natural history. The department decided to digitize and publish information from our in-house common names card index which is populated with common names and their corresponding scientifically accepted names and references. The focus was on Jamaican and West Indian flora and the hope is that through interaction and utilization of this tool, students, researchers and the general public can also add and improve  the resource through feedback.


Leaf of Life - Bryophyllum pinnatum John Crow Bead - Abrus precatorius Hogberry - Byrsonima coriacea Calabash - Crescentia cujete Blue Mahoe - Hibiscus elatus Ackee - Blighia sapida

 Wild Sage - Lantana camara Ramgoat Dash-a-long - Turnera ulmifolia Periwinkle - Catharanthus roseus Seaside Mahoe - Thespesia populnea Mango - Mangifera indica


The Common Names Database,a web based searchable database, was developed for the Botany Department of the Natural History Museum of Jamaica (NHMJ) to capture vernacular names of some Jamaican plant species. Some vernacular names, though accepted, may represent more than one taxa in various localities throughout the island. The Natural History Museum of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica, will do its best to post accurate and current data and information in its databases however, it cannot guarantee the accuracy and currency of the data and information gathered from various information sources. The NHMJ disclaims any responsibility for any inaccurate and outdated information and for any liability that may arise from the use of this resource. Reliance upon anyinformation obtained from the Common Names Database shall be at the user’s own risk.

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