Gallery Expansion – The Natural History Gallery secured over $6 million from CHASE Fund for the upgrading of the exhibition spaces.

Zoology Expansion – The Zoology Department received approximately $1.8 million from CHASE Fund for the development of a laboratory.

The department was also able to purchase critical equipment and supplies including a specialized storage cabinet, binocular microscope with imaging features and hygrometer units for environmental monitoring.

Biosafety Clearing House Capacity Building Project – through participation in a regions project funded by GEF and UNEP entitled “Capacity Building for effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing House”. The project was approved in January 2008 with funding of US$48, 000 for purchase of equipment as well as the facilitation of training and sensitization workshops.

Virtual Herbarium Pilot Project – Collaboration with UWI. It involves the development of an online portal/database through which specimens can be viewed for research and general information. Under this project the division acquired 10 herbarium cabinets, flatbed scanner, barcode reader, 2 desktop computers and a microscope.